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Yokohama Matt Black Door Handles

Yokohama Matt Black Door Handles


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When we talk about high-end projects and selecting door hardware architects want something comfortable, practical, and appealing to the eye.

Enter the Yokohama Matt Black door handle. It was developed with ergonomics and an architectural feel as the brief. The product designers took the challenge and knocked it out of the park as they say. They didn't just achieve a pass for the brief, they produced one of the most aesthetically pleasing levers while being practical and comfortable to use.

This is not like any other architectural door handles on the market. This is finished in PVD, a finish that is typically used in the watch-making or tapware industry due to its long-lasting, superior qualities. Adding to this benefit is the fact that PVD finishing is eco-friendly. These points are where the Architectural Choice difference is and make selecting a product for your project an easy choice. This is backed by a 10-year finish warranty.

Options inclusions:

Lever Set
1 x Set Of Door Handles

Passage Set:
1 x Set Of Door Handles
1 x Matt Black Magnetic Tube Latch

Privacy Door Set:
1 x Set Of Door Handles
1 x Matt Black Magnetic Tube Latch
1 x Matt Black Privacy Turn & Release
1 x Matt Black Privacy Bolt

Door Lock Set:
1 x Set Of Door Handles
1 x Matt Black Euro Mortice Lock
1 x Choice of a 60mm Key/Key or Key/Turn Euro Cylinder (Will Confirm After Order)
1 x Pair of Matt Black Euro Escutcheons

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