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At Architectural Choice, we send door hardware all over Australia and beyond as we don’t let location get in the way of you having the right product for the right application. That is why we are considered a leader amongst Australian door hardware specialists in PVD levers, locks, and accessories.

With more than 50,000 products in our European partners catalogue of elements if there is something you are struggling to find there is a chance, we can get it. Get in touch with the team to see if we can source your product.

Choose From A Wide Range

We stock a large selection of door hardware products and have plenty of products that can be ordered in from our European supplier. We work with industry leaders to ensure the products you require are going to be available when you require it. If you are planning a renovation or project, talk with our team about your needs early on so we can ensure stock is available.

Finishes That Last

Architectural Choice’s coloured products are not like any other architectural door hardware on the market. The products are processed in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), a process that is typically used in the watchmaking or tapware industry due to its long-lasting, superior qualities.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Not only is our PVD products made to last, they’re also eco-friendly. The PVD process is one that doesn’t let out harmful chemicals like others. These points are where the Architectural Choice difference is and make selecting a product for your project an easy choice. This is backed by a 10-year finish warranty.

image of the JNF Architectural Hardware lab. It has a black box that does the PVD finish and two people working on products.

Architectural Choice’s partner JNF Architectural Hardware has made this happen through thoughtful engineering, pushing the boundaries with design and tackling the eco-friendly aspect of business head on.

JNF Architectural Hardware’s Sustainability Program aims to contribute to reducing the ecological footprint and waste. In this sense, in addition to the use of stainless steel, we also use special non-galvanic and non-polluting finishes, such as the titanium finish achieved through PVD technology. As a result of this constant search for new designs and processes, JNF Architectural Hardware have been recognized with as an innovative and sustainable company.

Our commitment to customers is to guarantee the provision of quality service and assistance, doing everything in our power to make you 100% satisfied.

Door Scheduling For Any Project

Our door scheduling department is always available and once you have given specifics of the project you will have a customised door schedule back to your inbox without 48 hours. Below is a sample of the final page summary. You will receive a breakdown of every door on the project with individual products named for each one.

Image of a door schedule completed by Architectural Choice. It has a summary of products, an image of each product and a quantity.

Any renovation, new house build, commercial build needs to have a door schedule to ensure things run as smoothly as possible on the backend of the project.

This is where we come in and with everything accounted for early on there won’t be any panic moments with only weeks to go until hand over or when you want to move in. It also ensures the quantities are done correctly and products are specified to the correct application, considering Australian laws and regulations.

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