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Matt Black Euro Mortice Lock

Matt Black Euro Mortice Lock


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Elevate Your Security and Style with the Captivating Matt Black Euro Mortice Lock

Unveil the perfect blend of security and aesthetics with the Matt Black Euro Mortice Lock. Crafted to perfection, this lock is not just a functional necessity – it's a design masterpiece that seamlessly marries innovation and elegance. With a captivating Matt Black PVD finish, eco-friendly processes, and a Grade 3 High-Security rating, it's the ultimate choice for those who seek both safety and sophistication.


🔒 Backset: 60mm – Precisely engineered for uncompromising security.

🔒 Pitch: 72mm – Ensures seamless engagement and smooth operation.

🎨 Finish: Matt Black PVD – A finish that transcends the ordinary, adding a touch of modern elegance to your doors.

Key Features:

🌱 Eco-Friendly Finish: Beauty with a conscience. Our Matt Black PVD finish is achieved through eco-friendly processes, reflecting your commitment to both aesthetics and the environment.

🔥 Fire Tested: Security you can trust. Our lock has undergone stringent fire testing, ensuring its reliability and performance under pressure.

🔒 Cylinder Latch Retraction: Experience convenience redefined. The cylinder latch retraction feature offers smooth and effortless operation every time.

🔄 Reversible Tongue and Strike Plate: Versatility meets functionality. Installation becomes a breeze with these reversible components, adapting effortlessly to your door setup.

🔇 Silent Latch: Embrace tranquility in motion. The silent latch ensures noiseless operation, adding a touch of luxury to your spaces.

🔑 10-Year Finish Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year warranty, a testament to the lasting beauty of our lock's finish.

🌑 Matt Black PVD Face Plate & Striker: Embrace modern elegance with a captivating Matt Black PVD face plate and striker that complement your design vision.

🔗 Handle Compatibility: Versatile integration. Our lock is compatible with both rosette and plate handles, allowing you to personalize your door aesthetics.

🛡️ Grade 3 High Security: Engineered for high-traffic areas, this lock offers uncompromising security that meets the highest standards.

🔩 Innovative Spindle Hole: Banish spindle and lock breakage worries. Our lock's spindle hole features an internal spring for added durability and reliability.


🔵 What is a Euro Mortice Lock? A: A Euro Mortice Lock is a specialized lock designed to fit within a pocket (mortice) in the door. Often incorporating a Euro cylinder, it offers enhanced security and a sleek appearance.

🔵 What is the Backset of a Mortice Lock? A: The backset refers to the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the lock cylinder or latch. It's a crucial measurement for ensuring proper lock installation and operation.

🔵 Difference Between Mortice Lock and Deadbolt? A: A mortice lock is installed within a pocket (mortice) in the door, while a deadbolt is a standalone locking mechanism. Mortice locks often offer higher security due to their integrated design.

🔵 What is the Pitch of a Mortice Lock? A: The pitch is the distance between the centre of the handle and the centre of the keyhole or cylinder. It's a crucial dimension that ensures proper alignment and operation of the lock and handle.

Experience Unrivaled Security and Elegance – Order Your Matt Black Euro Mortice Lock Today

Redesign your doors with a touch of security and opulence. The Matt Black Euro Mortice Lock stands as a symbol of excellence, marrying innovation and design to elevate your living spaces. Order now and witness the transformation that this lock brings to your doors, offering security, style, and peace of mind in every detail.

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