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Euro Cylinder Key/Turn 70mm Matt Black

Euro Cylinder Key/Turn 70mm Matt Black


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The high-precision modular construction allows for a wide range of sizes and at the same time a quick response to any request. We only display our most popular range of cylinders, however, we have any euro cylinder you can think of. Let us know what you are looking for and the odds are we have it.

This is not like any other euro cylinder on the market. This is finished in PVD, a finish that is typically used in the watch-making or tapware industry due to its long-lasting, superior qualities. Adding to this benefit is the fact that PVD finishing is eco-friendly. These points are where the Architectural Choice difference is and make selecting a product for your project an easy choice. This is backed by a 10-year finish warranty.

Available in 5 different finishes, Matt Black, Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Brushed Chrome, and Titanium Copper. Supplied with 3 brass keys.
The coding system allows master keys at different levels and groups of cylinders of
the same keys. Master plans are protected and registrations are ensured by Architectural Choice. This request must be accompanied by a master plan.
This family of cylinders meets the following requirements of the standard EN 1.303:
- Durability greatly exceeds grade 6, maximum required of 25,000 cycles.
- Corrosion and temperature resistant, maximum required grade C.
- The number of combinations exceeds 100,000, which places it well above grade 4 of
the EN 1.303 standard.

Architectural Choice has a huge variety of cylinders available. If you have a unique size or requirement please get in touch with our team as we are sure to have what you're looking for.

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