Door Handles for Your Home

Door Handles for Your Home

While door handles are simple devices that allow you to easily open and close doors in your home it is one of the most important design and structural elements.

When you think about design it is an often-overlooked piece to the puzzle. This comes as a bit of a shock given how much emphasis we put on articles and how they adapt to the space. Structurally it’s even more puzzling as no one wants their door handles breaking, which not only hurts the look of your home, it drops the security component also.

Choose the Right Type of Door Handle

There are two main types of door handles available today – lever and knob. Lever handles are more common than knobs because they are easier to use.

This becomes increasingly important as we get older, knobs become too hard to turn and depending on the turn tension can impact your wrists. It’s why we recommend lever type handles in most situations. There are of course applications and purpose to select a knob.

After selecting a lever or knob it’s not over for your decision making on the right type. A choice of either rosette or plate can be made and typically this will depend on where you’re installing the door handles.

You can go with plates throughout the entire project to flow style through the home if you so desire.

The type of application doesn’t need to come into your thinking here, products can be adapted to whatever situation is required. There are no limitations on what you can have throughout the project, perhaps it calls for plate door handles externally, and door handles on rose for the internal doors.

If that doesn’t suit, think about on rose door handles on the external doors as well or go with a pull handle and roller lock on the external swing doors.

If you would like to get some advice on what your options are don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team.

Compliment Surrounding Design Elements

We love architectural door handles and understand our designs need to complement their surroundings.

This is an important element of your decision making. Does the design and the finish demographic suit everything else going on in the room.

Many of our door handles will simply blend in and not stand out too much, however if you want to make a statement there are options available.

For example selecting a matt black door handle on a gloss white door will allow the door furniture to shine in the room. If you don’t want this type of attention, maybe our Brooklyn white door handle would be the choice for the interior selections.

You should also consider the other features of your home when choosing new door handles. If the interior is traditional and more of a Victorian theme, then our Monaco door handle might not be the best option.

Having said that interior designers across Australia and the world are doing amazing work with different elements so we wouldn’t doubt that your designer can make it work.

Install it Correctly.

If you install door handles incorrectly, it will cause damage to your door hardware and potentially to your door as well. It is recommended that you hire a professional to install door handles correctly.

This is where you get peace of mind, you purchased a fantastic Architectural Choice product so finish the project off with that professional touch.

If that’s not an option for you, we do have Drill Templates available. This tool makes it extremely easy to drill the necessary holes to install our door handles in the correct way.

We also have instructions on how to install the door handles as well and if you ever need them, please get in touch.

Regular Cleaning

While our Matt Black, Antique Brass, Satin Brass and Titanium Copper door handles are all finished with PVD (learn more about it HERE) which ensures the strongest finish in the industry you will still need to clean the products.

This can be as easy as wiping down with a micro fibre cloth. You can also use a little water on the cloth or Inox spray.

Our Brushed Chrome handles can be cleaned the same way.

The white elements in our range need to be cleaned with a micro fibre cloth and clean water. For these white products its not recommended to put any chemicals on them.

These are the main elements you will need to think about when selecting door handles for your home. If you would like any guidance with your selections, we are always available via email, phone or the website chat.

Additionally, if you would like to take advantage of our door scheduling service our team would be happy to help. All we need for this service is some floor plans and some selections of product.

What our team will send back is a detailed and customized report that outlines products for each and every door. There will also be a summary of products including images and totals to ensure there is no confusion or miscounting.

To get started send us an email with your interest or fill in the door schedule form. If this article has been helpful or you know someone that this might interest, please share and like on social media.

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