Brass Sliding Door Hardware Options

Brass Sliding Door Hardware Options

Brass sliding door hardware is an excellent choice for any type of sliding door in your home.

It will add elegance and style while also providing security and protection against weather damage. That is of course if you have Architectural Choice PVD hardware and furniture.

Before we get into some options for different applications let’s talk about the most important subtopic here and one that many don’t want to bring up. The most important aspect of your door hardware or furniture options is with the finish. It’s why we have PVD finishing in the first place as we saw far too many manufacturers have poor finishing that wouldn’t last. In this case the satin brass finish is your best choice.

The process of PVD finishing is non galvanic and eco-friendly whereas many other finishes release harmful chemicals into our atmosphere. These are huge features of PVD finished products, not just in the door hardware industry, but every industry.

Once the PVD process is completed it not only produces the longest lasting finish on the market, it strengthens the base material as well.

If you would like to know more about the PVD process, you can read more HERE or get in touch with our customer service team.

Let’s get into the applications for brass sliding door hardware.

External Locking

If you're trying to decide on brass sliding door handles for your exterior doors, we have quite a selection for you. Prior to selecting the design for your external pull handles you might want to visualise what size you would like on each external door.

You don’t want to put a small pull handle on an oversized door as it will certainly get lose. If you’re trying to hide a handle somewhat then it may just be the best option though.


This is about the hardware though and while it’s certainly important to dress your door nicely, its more important to get the right security on your external doors.

Close up product image of the satin brass sliding door mortice lock.

Security is the number one calling card for our satin brass sliding door mortice lock. It is a grade two mortice lock, providing more than enough security for you and your loved ones.

With a 60mm back set it offers plenty of space between the cylinder and door jamb for ease of use and this lock suits doors with a thickness of 36mm and above.



Internal Passage

This is by far the easiest option you will need to consider for door hardware. There really isn’t too much to this and your big decision will be, do I want an edge pull or not?

A typical round edge pull is pictured below.

Zoomed in product image of the satin brass edge pull with white background.

For simple passage doors you would only put this in if your sliding door goes all the way into the pocket. You most certainly can still add one in if your sliding door doesn't go all the way in and sometimes it's more of an aesthetic or flow choice.

There are lots of options when it comes to edge pulls so you don’t need to go with a round piece of hardware if you don’t want to.

Internal Privacy

There are two options with your brass sliding door hardware here. You can go with a ready to go kit out of the box for doors 36mm and up, or you can piece together a kit using the external mortice lock.

The kit is by far the most stress-free option, and it not only performs extremely well, it has the aesthetic to match. There are many options with the privacy kit too, so you won’t have a problem with matching flush pulls.

Image showing the Pendulum satin brass sliding door privacy kit installed on an off white door with the background blurred out.A persons hand starting to use the edge pull on the Pendulum sliding door privacy kit. It is installed on an off white door with a blurred out bathroom in the background.

That is the main option with rectangle flush pulls, and you might want to go with round, or square?

That is where it gets a little trickier with our satin brass finish. If your door doesn’t go back into the pocket and you have more than 85mm to play with then you’re back in business. If that is the case you can certainly use the external mortice lock and either go with a privacy cylinder or with a neat little accessory that turns a euro cylinder hole into a spindle hole, which can then take a privacy turn and release.

What this option does is open your selection ability among sliding door furniture. You can even go with a pull handle here because if you have 85mm sticking out from the cavity then you won’t have to worry about the pull handle hitting the jamb.

Internal Locking

This option is gaining more popularity and its purely there for more security on certain doors. The hardware choice is the grade two sliding door mortice lock. One feature of this we didn’t discuss earlier is the ability to select your cylinder design. There are two different applications of cylinders, key/key and key/turn. The key/turn allows for a snib on the inside of the home. In an internal setting the turn would be on the inside of a bedroom to allow easy exit in case of emergency or simply because it’s far easier to lock and unlock the door.

What we don’t recommend is using this on a bathroom setting. We would only specify it on a bedroom, study, library, cupboard or if you simply want to shut off one portion of the home from the other.

If you do require a locking cupboard and it’s a sliding application, we do have half cylinders, which could be handy for your project. This is where there is only one side of the cylinder and one keyhole where you don’t need the cylinder to go through to the other side of the door.

There are many applications for sliding doors so if you have one that isn’t listed here why not get in touch with the team today and have a chat about your specific needs.

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