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Titanium Copper Magnetic Tubular Latch

Titanium Copper Magnetic Tubular Latch


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The Titanium Copper magnetic tubular latch is the only one of its kind on the market and it has been designed specifically for Architectural Choice door handles.

This is not like any other architectural tube latches on the market. This is finished in PVD, a finish that is typically used in the watch-making or tapware industry due to its long-lasting, superior qualities. Adding to this benefit is the fact that PVD finishing is eco-friendly. These points are where the Architectural Choice difference is and make selecting a product for your project an easy choice. This is backed by a 10-year finish warranty.

The engineering specifically lines up with the rosette holes to ensure a smooth and fast installation of the product every time. It doesn't mean you have to use Architectural Choice door handles, they can fit with many types of door furniture.

The magnetic latch ensures you have a premium product that will last the test of time and the range of finishes allows you to match it with your specific finish of door furniture.

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