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Titanium Copper Flush Pull | 300mm Pair

Titanium Copper Flush Pull | 300mm Pair


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Architectural Choice elevates every space in a project via components like the 300mm Titanium Copper Flush Pull for barn, sliding, and cavity doors. The earthy tones of this brushed copper piece shine brightly in the most design-conscious spaces. 

This is not like any other architectural flush pulls on the market. This is finished in PVD, a finish that is typically used in the watch-making or tapware industry due to its long-lasting, superior qualities. Adding to this benefit is the fact that PVD finishing is eco-friendly. These points are where the Architectural Choice difference is and make selecting a product for your project an easy choice. This is backed by a 10-year finish warranty.

This is a versatile element that is suitable for a range of sliding doors including ensuites, barn doors, and pantries. The Architectural Choice 300m x 55mm flush pull is easy to install and doesn't have any screws showing, giving a neat, modern feel, and comes in a wide range of stunning finishes. 

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