Sliding Door Kit Ticks All Boxes

Sliding Door Kit Ticks All Boxes

The Pendulum Sliding Door Kit is a high-quality solution for pocket doors and is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Architectural Choice.

It is an innovative sliding door system that offers smooth and effortless operation, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications and was a 2022 Red Dot Design Award winner.

Product picture of the Matt Black Pendulum installed on a white door.

The kit is made of high quality stainless steel and finishes Matt Black, Antique Brass, Satin Brass and Titanium Copper have been finished in the longest lasting coating, PVD. There is also the option of Brushed Chrome (Satin Stainless) and Polished Chrome (Polished Stainless) too. It is for use on 36mm to 55mm thick pocket doors.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Pendulum Sliding Door Kit:

Smooth and Effortless Operation: The Pendulum Sliding Door Kit is designed to provide a smooth and effortless locking operation, making it easy to open and close doors without any hassle. This feature is headlined by the magnetic latch and makes it ideal for bathrooms, ensuites and studies.

Picture of antique brass flush pulls on a white door.

Modern and Sleek Design: The Pendulum Sliding Door Kit has a modern and sleek design that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. It is perfect for contemporary interior designs and can be used with a variety of door materials, including glass, wood, and metal.

High-Quality Construction: The kit includes a track, rollers, and all necessary hardware for installation. The track is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The rollers are designed to provide a smooth and quiet operation, with an adjustable height feature to accommodate different door thicknesses.

Titanium Copper flush pull on a door.

Easy to Install: The Pendulum Sliding Door Kit is the easiest product of its kind to install. It comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware, making the installation process straightforward and hassle-free.

Customizable: The Pendulum Sliding Door Kit is available in different applications, making it suitable for a range of door styles, including single and French doors. This feature allows for customization and flexibility, ensuring that the kit can be used in various applications. You can have the locking mechanism on both sides of the door too if that is what you would like.

Versatile: The Pendulum Sliding Door Kit can be used in a variety of applications, including homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial spaces. It is a practical and stylish solution for creating a modern and open feel in any space.

Picture of flush pulls laid out on a table.

In summary, there are several solutions for sliding door privacy products, however none cover all the important factors of, ease of installation, ease of use, high quality finishing and versatility in application.

If you are looking for a reliable and stylish sliding door solution, the Pendulum Sliding Door Kit is the perfect choice for your next project. Get in touch with our team today.

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