Black Door Handles Top List Again

Black Door Handles Top List Again

Last year we opened the blog section by submitting our top finish handles for the year. So why not update it and make it relevant for this year, 2023.

There are no surprises though as Matt Black door handles top the list once again. It begs the question as to when will this finish be surpassed? What will the next number one finish be? Perhaps we will ponder this in an upcoming post.

Anyway, in this article we are going to touch on a topic that is at the top of all requests that we receive and that is definitely black door handles.
It is by far the most popular finish at Architectural Choice (more than doubling the next best finish – Antique Brass) and more people are trending towards the finish due to the higher number of matching accessories available.
That is the main reason why some renovators, new home builders and project managers were steering clear of black door handles previously. Now they don’t have to at all as it’s extremely rare that an accessory or part doesn’t come in black anymore.
The other is design. If you’re looking for a design that won’t go out of style and works across all decades, you can’t go wrong by balancing your whites with black.
Therefore, black door handles are so popular now as it’s much easier to have cohesion around your home and black suits so many different colour palettes.
The evolution of black door handles has been a slow one regarding quality as the majority of levers were finished with poor quality powder coating.

A major complaint is that the coating will simply chip off or fade with the slightest bit of sun whether indoor or outdoor. There are certainly different degrees of powder coating when talking quality as well and it has come a long way since its inception.
Like many areas of life, technology has dictated where products are going, and quality is now taking over from simply being okay with the look of a black door handle.
Most manufacturers are still putting out a powder coat product though which will fade and wear rather quickly depending on the environment, leaving you with a faded handle with no option but to purchase another one. Architectural Choice has fixed that problem.
The door handle industry has been slow to react in this regard while watch makers and the bathroom industry moved to PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) a long time ago.
We won’t go into too much detail on PVD technology right now because we have a much more in-depth story on the subject coming up soon, however the one thing you should know is that it’s the highest quality finishing of a product in the world and something you should ask about when purchasing your door handles.
Around 20 years ago black door handles were thought of as a risky fashion choice when styling a home. Now it has become the norm and the best seller among all finishes, not just at Architectural Choice, but around the world.
The one constant in that time is black door handles are a statement piece. They can complement and finish off projects at any scale and add value.


black door handles


That is where architects and designers can use their creative flair and have fewer restrictions in both design and colour palette than ever before.
The most impressive feature of Architectural Choice black door handles is the fact they’re finished with PVD technology, making them the longest lasting handle on the market today, backed by a 10-year finish warranty.


black door handle with privacy turn snib

At Architectural Choice there are more than 50 different designs of black door handles and knobs. It is impossible to stock all designs, however many people have contacted the team with a lever they have seen, and they have been able to source the perfect design, in PVD.
Currently in stock are the most popular ranges, Brooklyn, Monaco, Urban and Yokohama along with matching black accessories, all in PVD to ensure quality and durability.
Why not get in touch with the team HERE and ask about your project or requirements?

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